American Trail Running Association


We are excited to announce Mountain Goat Running is a single-track member of American Trail Running Association (ATRA). ATRA's mission is to represent and promote trail and mountain running through the following goals.

  1. To insure that organized trail runs are conducted in a fun, safe and enjoyable manner.
  2. To provide a forum whereby the business of the sport can be discussed and organized.
  3. To create and nurture alliances with other associations.
  4. To be sensitive to the environment.
  5. To be the clearinghouse for the sport.
  6. To educate and provide publications and information about our sport to the rest of the running and outdoor community, to the media and to non running entities that have similar goals and objectives.
  7. To develop recreational participation in the sport.
  8. To provide opportunities for families to enjoy our sport as a group through events and clinics.
  9. To develop a trail-running circuit in the U. S. and a competitive athlete program.

Additionally, ATRA has developed standards for events, which all three Mountain Goat Running productions follow:
Break the Stigma Trail Races, Mendota Bottoms Trail Run and Salomon Autumn Trail Series. To view the standards click the logo below.

event standars orange